Establishing the right Marketing Mix requires
experience, creativity and the right tools.

Entertainment PR and Publicity

by Aristo PR For almost thirty-five years, our publicity services have played a significant role in the careers of new and established artists, companies and events.
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Digital Marketing

by AristoDigtal With a diverse client roster and services menu, we are continually growing along with the world of technology in order to ensure a well-rounded digital presence for clients.
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Video Marketing

by AristoVideo We are a one-stop-shop for video marketing services for video marketing services for record labels, managers, and artists or bands in need of securing video airplay.
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Radio Promotion

by Marco Promotions With over 25 years of experience and relationship building, we have proven to be a driving force behind getting music heard by the consumer.
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Club Marketing

by Marco Club Connection We provide the fastest way to get your single in the hands of DJs, dance instructors and venue owners across the country.
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by Jeff Walker & Assoc.
We have developed an extensive database of international contacts that cover a network of over 30 countries, and have also found success with domestic marketing projects.
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The AristoMedia Advantage


Our divisions epitomize synergy through the way they join forces on projects and work together in the same building.


AristoMedia has been around for over 34 years. Our level of experience is unmatched.


We are located in the heart of Nashville’s Music Row.


We are a dedicated team of talented individuals ready to go to work for you.


We are committed to being flexible by developing personalized and unique programs to specifically fit your needs.


We often find creative solutions to complex problems. Let us help by contributing some of our novel ideas to your project.

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