Billy Ray Cyrus Reinvents and Proves He’s “Still The King”

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Spotlighted in New York Times Feature Article

International singer-songwriter and “Still The King” star, Billy Ray Cyrus, is the topic of a recent New York Times article, which shares an intimate perspective of Cyrus’ craft, family, and passion for equal rights that fuel his ever-evolving career.

New York Times journalist, Joe Coscarelli, takes readers through the Lower East Side of NYC with Cyrus, as he highlights accomplishments such as the premiere of CMT’s new scripted comedy, “Still The King” in which he describes the series’ plot as, “a gritty Southern feel that finds Mr. Cyrus (a co-creator of the show) playing an exaggerated take on the worst version of himself: “Burnin’ Vernon,” a louche one-hit wonder scamming his way into a job as a preacher and into the life of the teenage daughter he didn’t know he had.”

“Still The King” is a project Cyrus has been pursuing for over three years now and his dedication to the series’ fruition has Jayson Dinsmore, the executive vice president of development for CMT, filled with praise.

“Sometimes we forget how successful Billy Ray has been,” Dinsmore said. “He’s one of those people who has multigenerational fans.”

Throughout the course of nearly three decades, Billy Ray Cyrus has achieved international success as a singer, songwriter, entertainer, and philanthropist.  He has sold millions of albums, charted 35 singles, 16 of which are Top 40 hits and continues to receive critical acclaim as an actor, writer, and executive producer in film and television.  His expansive career highlights his talent to the utmost.

The article captures insight on Cyrus’ musical journey from his 90s hits and the anticipated 14th studio album from Blue Cadillac MusicThin Line, to be released September 9.

“The album is how I live my life; it’s a balance between art and reality,” said Cyrus. Which serves as the theme of the album and quite accurately mirrors the inspiration behind “Still The King”.

Thin Line is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.  Included on the album is “Hey Elvis,” a collaboration Cyrus re-invented with Bryan Adams and the legendary “Voice of Rock,” Glenn Hughes.

To read the full-length New York Times article, visit here.

Watch CMT on Sunday at 9/8c p.m. to experience “Still The King” and view the series premiere here.

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Billy Ray Cyrus on the Lower East Side of NYC
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Billy Ray Cyrus – Thin Line – Album Cover
Album Release Date: September 9th
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