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Showcase to take place Nov. 11 at 3rd and Lindsley

(Nashville, Tenn. – Nov. 6, 2014) – Online social network and country lifestyle portal Digital Rodeo announces special guest host, Andy Griggs, for the upcoming DRX Artist Showcase to be held November 11th at 6 p.m. on Nashville’s famous 3rd and Lindsley Bar & Grill stage. The live performance will be streamed and can be viewed at:

The DRX monthly showcases highlight some of the platform’s most promising Country artists and will help to promote some of the website’s featured Independent Artists. The November DRX showcase will feature The CheatersAmber Hayes, Jason JamesPhoenix Drive and Mitch Rossell.

To view a sizzle reel from the Sept. 2014 showcase, visit here.

Music industry representatives that RSVP in advance to will be offered a limited number of complimentary drinks during the event.  DRX Members/Fans who RSVP are entered for special prizes (must be present to win).

Andy Griggs

About Andy Griggs: 

Andy Griggs often says his influences in music are like a pot of gumbo. Growing up in Monroe, La., he was raised on Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggert, Waylon, Bill Monroe, hardcore blues and hardcore rock and roll, sprinkled with a touch of jazz. He often says, “There is no defining a style of song. As long as there’s soul, it has a place in music.” Andy moved to Nashville in 1995 after a childhood filled with major mountains and valleys. Music was such a huge inspiration in his young life that it helped him grieve. And he did plenty of that. His father, the praise and worship leader at their church, died from a brain tumor when Andy was 11 years old. His brother Mason, his only sibling, took his father’s baton and ran with it. Throughout their teenage years, Mason was Andy’s hero. Mason died at the early age of 21 from heart complications that he had had since birth. Andy grabbed that same baton and he quotes, “when I jumped into the pool of music, I jumped into the deep end and never came out.”

After several years of playing in the bluegrass band, Jerry and Tammy Sullivan, Andy found himself a record deal with RCA and exploded after the release of his first single, “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely.” After two #1’s, five top 5 and four other top 10 hits, Andy came to a musical crossroad in his life – there was something missing. Andy felt that his music was only releasing 99% of what was in his heart and soul, leaving his life feeling incomplete. “My childhood was a rollercoaster ride and so has been my profession as a singer. I’m at that point in my life where I either want to make a difference with a song and a worn-out guitar, or I need to find something else to do. I’ve learned that you don’t come to this town and TRY to fit a certain mold. You don’t TRY to fit a certain style. You don’t TRY to sing your heart out. You either DO or you DON’T.” This awakening led Andy to start writing most of his songs and producing his own music. “Heck, I don’t know how to produce, I just know what I hear and feel. That’s what I want and that’s what I have to have.” Now, as you listen to his songs, you will realize that he is finally complete and one with his music.

The Cheaters'

About The Cheaters:

The Cheaters’, Jason Morton and Brett Wilmer, have finally made the trek to Tennessee to allow their infectious tunes and high-energy harmonies to make their Nashville debut as a lead act. With enviable talent they have held their own, opening for renowned bands such as ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Eric Church, Shooter Jennings and many others.

Lead singer and guitarist, Jason Morton, started playing piano at age 4 and later picked up guitar in his early teens. “I performed the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on guitar at my 8th grade talent show and got a standing ovation,” Jason said. “That is when I knew I wanted to do this the rest of my life. I actually met Brett through a mutual friend in high school who was talking about music and how awesome his band was. He took me to one of their shows at a fraternity party, and I became a fan. Then, the lead singer left the band, and I had the opportunity to audition. We have been together ever since, touring and playing our music all over the world.”

The Cheaters’ dream of coming to Nashville, writing songs and producing a new EP has finally come true. Their melodic lines and vocals on their eight-song EP, Waitin’ On Right Now, were perfected under the production of Tommy Harden, Reba McEntire’s drummer. “We have never been more proud of anything we have ever created,” Jason said. “This is our 4th record, and it is scary because it is more mainstream than what we are used to. Our original fans have had a great reaction even though some of the elements are more diverse than previous projects. They seem to have embraced the change. ”

Amber Hayes

About Amber Hayes

Country artist Amber Hayes is as gracious as she is talented.  Considering Amber lists singer, songwriter, theater performer and actress among her credits as an entertainer, that says a lot.

Born and raised in tiny Weleetka, Okla., Amber grew up idolizing the iconic female entertainers before her: Dolly, Reba and Barbara Mandrell.  Their pioneering efforts, which extended far beyond the simple guise of “Country singer,” made a strong impression on Amber as a little girl.  With that being said, it should come as no surprise that the talented singer-songwriter is making strides today that follow a similar path to those trailblazing women before her.

One song in particular, titled “Any Day Is A Good Day,” stands out as the centerpiece among the rest. The single scored Amber her first Top 30 record. Written with her longtime guitarist/co-writer Bill DiLuigi and friend JP Williams, the track’s positive, inspirational message not only serves as a captivating backdrop for her latest single, but also as a genuine reflection of Amber’s outlook on the “big picture” items in life.

“You know, I knew we had something special when we finished writing this song, because it has that timeless message of hope to it,” says Hayes. “When I perform it at my shows, you can kind of just see it connecting with people. I’ve gotten so many comments from people about how this song touched them or brought them hope in all kinds of different ways. I like to think of it as a reminder that each day is a gift and not to take it for granted.”

With the release of Any Day Is A Good Day, Amber has taken a creative leap as a singer, songwriter and artist. Thanks to her recent opportunities in film and television, she is also taking significant strides in the footsteps of her heroes.  For Amber Hayes, these are indeed good days.

Jason James

About Jason James:

Born in Georgia, Jason now calls Nashville his home. After connecting with Garth’s electrifying performance energy and amazing story telling ability, Jason decided he wanted to be that guy and credits Garth with his move to Nashville.

Immediately upon moving to town, ASCAP’s Ralph Murphy introduced Jason to Kim Copeland and Susan Tucker. Seeing something unique and special in him, the ladies began developing his songwriting and vocal talents. He is now a full-time performer and songwriter, whose co-writers include, hit makers Billy Montana, Monty Holmes, Arlos Smith and Buddy Owens.

Jason is currently the headliner at Paradise Park, one of Nashville’s premier clubs on Broadway, where he performs every Friday and Saturday night for standing-room-only crowds of loyal fans and tourists alike. This has helped him build a fan base that stretches from Australia to France, all over the United States and across the world.

He has performed at CMA Fest and at many other Nashville hot spots, such as Exit IN, 12th and Porter and Douglas Corner, and is a sought after entertainer for corporate and prestigious private events. Jason has also been a featured performer at the William Morris “Speakeasy” private, invite-only industry Showcase.

Jason says, “I try to take all of the good elements from Country music of the past and build on it with my own voice and style. I grew up on 90′s Country and that’s what drew me to Country music and to Nashville. Some people call me a blend of Garth and Gary Allan, and I love that! I’ll always be striving for that! Bring on the guitars, fiddles, tattoos, and Country music!”

Phoenix Drive

About Phoenix Drive:

Phoenix Drive is a modern country/rock band hailing from the Atlanta/Athens, Ga., area. Phoenix Drive came to full fruition with the addition of co-lead singer Charissa Nicole, lead guitarist Jason Roller and drummer David Rollins to its founding members, Jon Scott and Brian Powers, in early 2010. With a sound that has often been compared to the earlier music of Fleetwood Mac, Keith Urban and The Civil Wars, this group is turning many an ear and eye with their dynamic live show, solid musicianship, powerful duo lead vocalists and intricate three-part harmonies. Phoenix Drive’s original songs and modern infusion of country, rock, folk and soul caught the attention of hit producer and songwriter Joe West, who subsequently recorded their first full-length album in Nashville, Tenn. Their unique yet mainstream sound is creating buzz in the Southeast and gaining fans fast! Their album, “A Fool’s Melody”, is already receiving major accolades from many industry professionals as well as fans alike. The future is looking bright for Phoenix Drive, and they are making waves wherever they go…so hop on!

Mitch Rossell

About Mitch Rossell:

Mitch Rossell, originally from Chattanooga, Tenn., made the move to Nashville in 2009, after graduating from the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga. Mitch has been on the fast track since his arrival and Nashville, and is currently a regular in Music City’s most popular establishments, such as Tootsies, Rippy’s, Honky Tonk Central and 3rd and Lindsley. Mitch also books regular gigs outside of Nashville, traveling for much of the year in an effort to touch as many fans as possible.

At 25, Mitch has refused to bow to typical industry pressures. He has been approached several times to try out for popular reality television shows such as “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent,” but believes he can make it the old-fashioned way—with pure talent, strong songwriting, selling records independently, increasing his booking schedule and merchandizing. He has already written over 250 songs, and fans say his talents are increasing with every song he writes. Mitch currently spends most mornings, when he is in town and not out on the road touring, writing with some of the biggest-song writers in country music such as: Monty Criswell, Mark Nesler, Odie Blackmon, Tim Menizies, Pat McLaughlin, Bill Luther, Shane Minor, Mark Beeson, and Ben Stennis.

Mitch is widely known for his accessibility and friendly demeanor. Through his social media channels, Mitch makes a consistent effort to answer all questions and comments and keep his fans informed about new music or events. Mitch says he plans to keep that up for as long as he is able to, and remains humbled by it all.

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