The Goodland Group – Distribution

The Goodland Group - distribution services

The Goodland Group is a distribution company providing music video releases to a wide range of outlets programming music videos in a broad cross section of formats. On a regular basis, the Goodland Group compiles new compilation releases from a cross section of major record labels and selected independent labels. They are then serviced to an extensive list of national outlets, video pools, syndicated shows, and more. In addition, we service a specific number of trade magazines, radio tie-in outlets and selected international outlets.

While the Goodland Group does not specifically promote or track a video clip’s progress, the team works closely with AristoVideo, who specializes in those services. Our pricing includes all dubbing and manufacturing costs. The benefits of using a company like the Goodland Group is the company is consistently updating mailing lists and contacts. They have the experience to know what format the outlet requires, the completion of submission forms and the whole infrastructure surrounding a video release.


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