iDitty Interactive Souvenirs Reinventing the Average Concert Experience

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 iDitty Interactive Souvenirs used as exclusive VIP credential for Justin Moore and Lee Brice’s co-headlined American Made Tour

(Nashville, Tenn. — Feb. 9, 2017)iDitty Inc., the company behind the customizable interactive souvenir laminates that is making news nationwide, recently joined forces with Big Machine Label Group and Curb Records to produce exclusive credentials for Justin Moore and Lee Brice’s co-headlined American Made Tour, which included a meet-and-greet with the artists.

The unique American Made Tour Interactive Souvenirs, produced and secured through a partnership with MasterCard, served as the attendee’s credential into the show’s meet-and-greet, and following the show, it provided the attendee with a long-term experience of the artist’s music, videos, real-time photos, tour updates, social links, and the ability to purchase tour merchandise through the free iDitty app and online ecommerce platform. Prior to the meet-and-greet, fans received the iDitty Interactive Souvenir (laminate) as part of their VIP package purchased through Ticketmaster.

Red Light Management (Lee Brice) and L3 Entertainment (Justin Moore) were both pleased with iDitty and the total experience. “We will be doing this again soon. It makes good business sense for everyone involved,” said Enzo DeVincenzo of Red Light Management.

Benson Curb with Curb Records commented, “This has worked very well, and the fans really like the physical souvenir as well as all the digital content.”

iDitty cards are continuously becoming a popular VIP ticket and merchandise option for labels and management. Albums uploaded to the cards are reported to SoundScan, giving record companies a new way to market music and increase revenue in a world that has seen album sales drop year after year.
“Everyone involved wins,” said Hugh Kirkpatrick, SVP of iDitty Inc. “The labels sold albums again, the management won, as did the artists, the fans and the sponsors.” He continues, “ The fans are the REAL winners. They get the albums through the iDitty interactive collectable that can be autographed and are now able to follow their favorite artists on tour as photos and other digital content is made available, ALL pushed to the fan’s mobile device.”

After purchasing an artist’s iDitty Interactive Souvenir card, fans simply install the free iDitty app on their mobile device, enter their email, scan the QR code on the back of the card, and the artist’s music or other uploaded assets are immediately delivered to the fan. The artist, the management company, and the sponsor can stay connected and send alerts of upcoming shows, special ticket offers, meet & greets, merchandise discounts, news, behind-the-scenes photos and more. Conveniently, the fan can even transfer the music from the card to their iTunes account or music player.

The iDitty Interactive Souvenir as a merchandise item gives fans a sense of exclusivity by wearing a VIP badge around their necks, which normally only industry insiders would have. In return, iDitty is able to provide its clients with information about download activity, fan demographics as well as distribute Perk Alert notifications to whomever purchased one, even after-the-fact, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

iDitty Interactive Souvenir: iDitty, located in Nashville, Tenn., is an innovative technology that brings fans closer to their favorite artists. iDitty manufactures Interactive Souvenirs that look like backstage passes that come loaded with exclusive artist content allowing fans with the iDitty mobile application to instantly receive and access this content. iDitty allows artists to offer fans a new and constant social experience of interacting with their favorite artists while instantaneously giving artists the opportunity to share their music and other exclusive premium content with their fans – all through a unique social community.

For more information about iDitty, contact Hugh Kirkpatrick at 615-504-4770.

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