• Matt Watkins

    VP of Marketing and Operations

    Matt Watkins is a native of Brentwood, TN, and serves as the VP of Marketing and Operations. 

  • Christy Walker-Watkins

    VP of Publicity

    Christy Walker-Watkins is the VP of Publicity at Aristo PR, the press and publicity division of The AristoMedia Group.

  • Rick Kelly

    VP of Radio Marketing

    Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Rick Kelly serves as The AristoMedia Group’s VP of Radio Marketing.

  • Jeff Walker

    CEO / Founder

    Jeff Walker, CEO/Founder of the AristoMedia Group, is a music industry veteran who knows what change is all about.

  • Craig Bann

    Executive VP

    A native of Rockford, IL, a town just outside of Chicago, Craig Bann has settled in comfortably in Nashville, now serving as Executive VP of the company.

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