Craig Bann

Executive VP

craig bann

A native of Wisconsin and raised in Rockford, IL, Craig Bann has settled in comfortably in Nashville, now serving as Executive VP of the company. Bann began with the company as an intern in 1989 back when videos were shipped on one-inch reels rather than provided as files. The “Class of 1989” was bringing the traditional style of country music back into play with the likes of Garth, Alan Jackson, and Travis Tritt. When he began to work with the company, the music video’s life cycle was very young, and he takes pride in having played a part to help grow the video format. Bann says, “The music video was able to take a complete unknown and deliver their image and identity to consumers in the comfort of their living room, all through the growing networks of CMT and TNN.”

Bann has made his way up the ranks of the company throughout his 25+ years, and is an all-around talent that has worked with promotions, video, and broadcast. Bann realizes that the landscape of the music industry is quickly changing, and the company will be adapting along with the industry as well. He specifies the shift from broadcast to web and social media as an example of how public relations and marketing is changing within the music industry.

He enjoys spending time with his kids and family, and also is thrilled to still be in touch with many of his high school buddies. He is a huge sports fan through his following of the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans, likes to build different hands-on projects, and enjoys reading and relaxing around the pool when he gets the chance.

He is fascinated by the diversity of music formats in Nashville, and appreciates the communal feel that the Nashville music scene gives off. As the company continues to adapt to the changing music industry, Bann is excited to “shake things up” as challenges present themselves.

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