Jon Walker

VP of Digital Marketing

jon walker

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Jon Walker serves as The AristoMedia Group’s VP of Digital Marketing. Walker is a 2004 graduate of Nashville’s Belmont University with a B.A. in Music Business. Walker didn’t always know that he wanted to obtain a business degree and was on a musicians path for most of his high school and college career. He has played drums and percussion since the age of 13, which led him to become part of an indoor percussion group called Music City Mystique and play in a variety of rock bands throughout high school and college. Walker began with AristoMedia part-time in 1999 and eventually took a job in the Music Video Promotions department.

It was his interest in integrating digital services into AristoMedia’s service offering that led to the formation of AristoWorks, the new media and digital branch of AristoMedia, in 2006.

As VP of Digital, Walker helps clients to understand the digital environment and technology, identify new trends before competition, and maximize digital potential and presence. Walker enjoys helping clients by figuring out answers to complex questions and situations in regards to their digital environment and presence. Since Walker has played the drums for quite some time, he is also able to share the artists’ perspective when answering these questions.

In his free time, Walker travels, participates in range shooting, and appreciates amateur radio (Call Sign: KJ4YJG). He also enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. Walker remembers drumming as a big portion of his musical history, but also enjoys a wide range of electronic and hip/hop music. Walker’s passion for the digital environment is unmatched, as can be seen with his efforts in the formation of AristoWorks. The AristoMedia Group appreciates Walker’s unique expertise and the experience that he offers to the company.

Contact: 615-269-7071 ext. 143, email:

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