AristoMedia Group is a Nashville-based entertainment marketing company founded in 1980 by Jeff Walker. Walker was inspired to create a company that would embody an “umbrella approach,” therefore offering clients a diverse selection of functions within one company. Starting out as a publicity firm, the company has expanded to services that include public relationsvideo promotiondigital marketing and web development, radio promotion, dance club promotion, and international & domestic consulting. AristoMedia prides itself on being a “one-stop shop” that allows clients to select any or all of the services that are offered. By adapting to the changes in the music industry, AristoMedia Group has continued to be a recognized force in music marketing even three decades after its establishment.

AristoMedia has played a large part in the international Country music market with its annual Global Shows and quarterly Global Newsletter. Beginning in 2003, AristoMedia partnered with the CMA and sponsors the Global Shows, a series of showcases that brings together top international talent during the week of the CMA music festival. Walker believed that developing talent overseas is often overlooked, and the company focuses on this area through their international consulting initiatives.

AristoMedia Group epitomizes synergy and innovation in regards to client relations by offering continued feedback in order to meet the specific needs of each client. The company is fluid, growing, and diversified, and is prepared to look beyond the “status quo” in order to ensure such company growth. Voted by the Music Row magazine for three consecutive years as the “Best Independent Publicity Company,” AristoMedia Group consists of employees that have distinct knowledge and capabilities in each of their given divisions, and the company’s 35+ years of experience speaks to the quality of its past work and potential for further growth and development. AristoMedia Group is looking forward to showing that one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets will continue to thrive as an independent “one-stop shop” on Music Row.

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