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(Nashville, Tenn. – Sept 2, 2014) – The Palm Harbor, Fla. based Resnik Music Group (RMG) has an ongoing motto “to make sure no song is forgotten.” RMG, a team comprised of professional songwriters, publishing catalogs and song pluggers, has established a reputation for bringing songs back to life. Over the past 15 years, RMG has built an extensive music catalog consisting of over 4,000 song titles collected from purchasing or absorbing almost 100 publishing imprints. The RMG catalog includes songs from almost all formats but with special attention to country, americana, gospel and legendary Doo-Wop cuts.

Utilizing technology, RMG has ensured that their catalog thrives by giving deserving material the opportunity to be heard by millions. Through services like Music Supervisor and Music Reports, RMG has developed relationships and found placements for many of their titles in movies, TV and video games. These include placements in TV shows such as Under The DomeMad Men,The Sopranos,  The Voice and American Idol, as well as major hollywood releases such as Coyote Ugly, cult classic Raging Bull, the newly released James Brown biopic Get On Up and an upcoming Xbox promotion. In addition, RMG has had solid success utilizing titles in popular national and international commercial advertisements.

Song placement is only part of the equation – utilizing technologies like Sound Exchange, Ad Rev and the Google owned RightsFlow, RMG is ensuring that they are identifying the use of their catalogs across the web, and are collecting the royalties due. To assist in the collecting of royalties on the international level, RMG partnered with London based Buck’s Music Group. With 20+ offices worldwide, Buck’s Music monitors and collects on the international sales of RMG catalog songs.

RMG uses digital music discovery tools such as YouTube and SoundCloud to reach consumers directly and create demand for their catalog. Over 2,000 tracks are currently available for streaming across a variety of platforms. Making this material digital has not only generated a revenue stream for the songs through ad placements, it has also shown a marked increase in demand for the material through digital retail outlets.

RMG also uses the Internet as one of its tools to search for new material. Continuing to grow the catalog is somewhat of a passion for Robert “Buddy” Resnik, the founder of Resnik Music Group. Since its inception, RMG has acquired prominent material such as the Blake Shelton mainstay “Ole Red,” titles from Doo-Wop icon Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs and catalog cuts from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Glenn Campbell, Reba McEntire, Alabama, George Strait and George Jones.

“Our journey has given us the opportunity to meet and become friends with many artists, writers and their families. Listening to the stories, the struggles of touring whereas they had to enter a stage through the ‘For Blacks Only’ entrance and the kinships that grew from these common struggles. We love to sit and listen to what music was like for these entertainers, the birth givers of their genre” said Resnik.

To bolster their publishing and music group operations, RMG engaged AristoWorks, a digital firm based in Nashville, Tenn. Part of RMG’s success is credited to it’s digital initiatives, which has been aided by the partnership with AristoWorks. Digital highlights include the creation and management of music discovery profiles, ensuring the monetization of all digital content, and the development of a custom database that houses all of RMG’s catalogs. The success of this partnership has allowed RMG to venture into the newest, latest fields of opportunity that the Internet has to offer.

“Working with RMG has not only been a very successful project for us but it’s opened our eyes to all of the opportunity that exists on the publishing end of the entertainment business. Finding digital venues for legacy material has been a challenge, but it is certainly very fulfilling to see new life being given to these songs. Despite all of the great outlets and search tools we’re constantly learning about, there are still fan frustrations of not being able to consume music that they listened to when they were younger. It’s up to companies like AristoWorks and RMG to ensure that fans gain access to what they are wanting,” commented AristoWorks’ Jon Walker.

About Resnik Music Group: Established 15 years ago, Resnik Music Group is owned by Robert and Sharen Resnik. RMG is a team comprised of professional songwriters, established publishing companies and song pluggers who are dedicated to their craft – all with a common desire to make our music a success. Now with more than 100 song catalogs and 4,000 titles, RMG is growing and currently active in catalog song acquisition.

About AristoWorks: A branch of AristoMedia, AristoWorks is the digital arm of the multifaceted company. With a diverse client roster and services menu, AristoWorks is continually growing along with the world of technology in order to ensure a well-rounded digital presence for clients. The team at AristoWorks has expertise in SEO, digital marketing, online advertising, design and development. AristoWorks can leverage technology and creativity to create results for clients in the entertainment business and beyond.

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