Entertainment PR and Publicity
by AristoPR

Launched in 1980, AristoPR provides personalized marketing and publicity services that exceed clients’ expectations. The division works with artists, special events, and corporate projects to identify specific areas in the realm of public relations that can help to maximize exposure, coverage, and recognition. A strong track record has been established throughout over three decades of entertainment PR service, which is shown by the many records on the office walls. AristoPR’s services include media marketing, online marketing, press release outreach, tour press, special event oversight, and many more.Read More

Digital Marketing
by AristoDigital
Launched in 2004, AristoDigital’s philosophy is to leverage creativity and technical ability to design and implement effective marketing campaigns. The team has developed the necessary network, resources, and expertise necessary to push beyond the status quo and achieve digital goals that are personalized and unique. AristoDigital services include website design & development, web & social marketing, custom social profile design, and many more. Read More

Video Marketing
by AristoVideo
Launched in 1984, AristoVideo creates a video marketing strategy that can maximize music video exposure. The team recognizes the importance of music videos, as they put a face to the artist, brand the material, and foster relationships with fans. The division also works with its sister company, The Goodland Group, to take the necessary steps for optimal network placement, distribution, and exposure. AristoVideo’s services include music video distribution, promotion, tracking & reporting, YouTube optimization, and many more.Read More

Radio Promotion
by Marco Promotions

Launched in 1991, Marco Promotions specializes in securing airplay in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets throughout the United States. Their goal is to increase exposure by establishing consumer access to music. Even with the development of new distribution outlets through the growth of technology, new artists are still often heard first on the radio. The division strives to increase artist visibility by establishing a strong relationship between the artist and the radio, and also provides weekly success reports in order to establish an ideal campaign. Marco Promotions’ services include radio promotion, project marketing, radio tour coordination, and many more.Read More

Club Marketing
by Marco Club Connection

Launched in 2004, Marco Club Connection specializes in dance club marketing and promotion. The team maintains relationships with DJs, dance instructors, and venue owners among 250 clubs nationwide in order to expose music to the club scene for a personalized marketing campaign. Dance clubs are utilized as a unique medium to jump-start an artist’s career through sponsorships and grassroots buzz. The team maintains a creative mindset throughout the campaign by utilizing contest ideas and distributing branding material. Marco Club Connection’s services include product promotion & distribution, email marketing, custom line dance creation, and many more.Read More

by Jeff Walker & Associates

Formed in 1995, Jeff Walker & Associates (JW&A) serves as the consulting arm of The AristoMedia Group, focusing on consulting within the music industry. The team have developed an extensive database of international contacts that cover a network of over 30 countries, and they have also found success with both short and long term domestic marketing projects. From designing a complete media strategy to incorporating the integral advertising elements of an existing marketing plan the team offers guidance to achieve media goals. JW&A’s services include consulting on artist development, marketing/PR plan development, music licensing, and many more.

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Video Press Releases
by DownCast

Launched in 2010, DownCast Server is a visual and audio content distribution service that delivers promotional assets to national and international contacts. It is a unique distribution service with a network reach of over 10,000 media outlets including radio, television, national and regional video programs, newspapers, trade publications, celebrity and entertainment shows, wire services, closed-circuit partners, global outlets, and online destinations. This service provides on-demand access to unique broadcast quality video content, digital photos, audio clips and press materials that are all housed on a secure password protected server. All content is owned by the artist/label rather than the media outlets, and can be re-purposed for DVDs, documentaries and other extras on CDs.Read More

Digital Label Services
by GMV Nashville

Founded in 2007, GMV Nashville (Goodland Music Ventures) is a digital record label that balances new and upcoming artists with hard-to-find titles by classic artists. It has released classic titles by artists such as Charlie Daniels Band, Exile, and the Grand Ole Opry’s Jan Howard. It also features new upcoming artists such as Nate Green, Amber Hayes, The Cains, J. Michael Harter who round out the mission to balance upcoming artists with classic music. All of GMV’s titles are available exclusively as digital downloads at most major online music retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, and more.Read More

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