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Marco Club Connection - club marketing services

We have relationships with 250 clubs, dance instructors, and choreographers nationwide that we can work with when implementing our fully customized club marketing campaigns. Offering marketing blitzes, online and on-site promotions, e-mail campaigns, and access to the dance community, Marco Club Connection provides the fastest way to get your single in the hands of DJs, dance instructors and venue owners across the country. The relationships that our team has established are what make the club marketing service so valuable. The team continuously communicates with the outlets to garner specific feedback for each client.

There are many examples where dance clubs have significantly helped to jump-start the career of an artist.  Remixes and specialty tracks can lead to unique sponsorships and grassroots buzz that are invaluable for an emerging artist. And, once an artist has success in the clubs, patrons and instructors are always eager to create customized line dances for the next single.

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Product Promotion & Distribution

Our team will distribute and promote the music to our full panel of outlets.

Tracking & Surveying

Our team tracks the songs and garners feedback from DJs and instructors through phone calls, emails and other methods of communication.

Line Dance Creation

We send out your songs to different choreographers so that they can put together customized line dances.

Club Tours

We facilitate various appearances at many of our venues, and these can include performances, meet and greets, DJ hangouts, etc.

Special Events

We will take music that we have sent out to clubs, and we will incorporate it into various customized special events such as album release parties.


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