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Marco Promotions - radio promotion services

Radio is still “king” when it comes to new music exposure. Even though technology has broadened the spectrum of outlets distributing music, research indicates that the vast majority of consumers still hear new artists on the radio first. Established chart-toppers as well as up-and-comers will benefit from the veteran radio promotion skills of the Marco staff as they work to secure spins and chart position for your next single.

As station play lists continue to shrink, real estate on the airwaves is more valuable than ever. With over 25 years of radio promotion experience and relationship building, Marco Promotions has proven to be a driving force behind getting music heard by the consumer. The team has a track record that is undeniable, and Marco Promotions covers the length and breadth of the United States.

Secondary Radio Promotion

We promote to Music Row, Billboard Indicator Charts & CDX Traction stations with a consistent history of single successes.

Tertiary/Non-Reporting Promotion

A developing division of Marco Promotions, we focus on securing independent airplay for emerging artists on terrestrial stations nationwide.

Radio Tour Coordination

Marco Promotions will coordinate and schedule radio tours and station visits for artists on the road.

Press Release Distribution

Marco Promotions will notify all stations on our Billboard Indicator panel, Music Row panel, CDX Traction panel, and non-reporter panel about new music as soon as it is released.

Play MPE Distribution

Play MPE is a major vehicle used by programmers to find new music to test for potential airplay.

Streamtrack Music Server

We offer a digital distribution package where online radio outlets can download music and submit feedback.


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