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Videos are a huge part of a successful marketing campaign. They put a face to the artist, brand the material, and build relationships with fans. A successful video marketing campaign creates an impact greater than youtube views and ad revenue. It ties together all the activities surrounding the marketing campaign and encourages fans to react.

The launch date of a music video, may be the most important day in a music video’s life. We can help you secure exclusive premieres and prepare a digital video marketing strategy that helps you gain placement on our online panels website. With years of experience, we know what makes a great music video and can offer our consulting services to help you create an impactful video. Once you’ve got a video, YouTube optimization and ad campaigns are key to reaching the right people and provide powerful data that will help you create better videos.

The Internet isn’t the only place to watch music videos.  We place videos on international, national, syndicated, and regional music shows. Our panel goes deep and can generate broadcast media values reaching over a hundred thousand dollars. Placement on emerging viewing platforms, such as Roku and mobile apps, puts your video in front of cutting edge consumers. We also work with closed circuit outlets to place videos in retail, entertainment, and hospitality locations across the United States. Creating new content keeps you relevant and we can help you coordinate collaborations with national networks like CMT, GAC and The Country Network(ZUUS) as well as independent content creators and brands.

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Music Video TV Placement

We place music videos on our panel of over 100 national, international, syndicated and regional shows in the United States and Europe, as well as on streaming devices, such as Roku.

Closed Circuit Partners

We will promote your music video to thousands of closed circuit outlets such as cruise ships, hotels, furniture stores, clothing stores, and restaurants.

Drive Internet Traffic

We will secure an online premiere that will drive valuable early traffic to your music video. We also regularly talk to our panel of online outlets and work to gain wide placement of your music video online.


YouTube Optimization

We can optimize your channel, provide feedback on viewers, and make recommendations on how to use YouTube more effectively. Our targeted YouTube ad campaigns gain real views from potential fans.

Interviews & Performances

We will work with you to set up interviews and performances with outlets that will increase touch points surrounding your music video.

Video Marketing & Consulting

With over 35+ years of experience, AristoVideo knows what makes a video attractive to networks and closed circuits, as well as characteristics of videos that go viral. We can consult with you and help you decide on the most impactful treatment for your song.

The Goodland Group - distribution services

The Goodland Group is a distribution company providing music video releases to a wide range of outlets programming music videos in a broad cross section of formats. On a regular basis, the Goodland Group compiles new compilation releases from a cross section of major record labels and selected independent labels. They are then serviced to an extensive list of national outlets, video pools, syndicated shows, and more. In addition, we service a specific number of trade magazines, radio tie-in outlets and selected international outlets.

While the Goodland Group does not specifically promote or track a video clip’s progress, the team works closely with AristoVideo, who specializes in those services. Our pricing includes all dubbing and manufacturing costs. The benefits of using a company like the Goodland Group is the company is consistently updating mailing lists and contacts. They have the experience to know what format the outlet requires, the completion of submission forms and the whole infrastructure surrounding a video release.


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